about etos

About Etos

Etos is a company with more than 100 years of experience in personal care, offering solutions to customers in health and beauty care. The history of Etos goes back to 1919 in the Netherlands, when the first store was opened in Eindhoven especially for the employees of Philips, one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Philips wanted a better and healthier life for its employees. Therefore the store was led by the passionate nurse Johanna Kleinod, together with a whole team of nurses. Their medical expertise was an important part of Etos’ service, combined with the qualitative products for more affordable prices. In 1931, the company was privatized and took on its current name.

Etos is a Dutch abbreviation for:
Unity, Devotion, Consultation and Cooperation

Etos offers customers a wide selection of qualitative health, beauty, body and baby care products at affordable prices. In the Netherlands Etos products are available in more than 550 Etos drugstores. More than 5000 trained staff and certified druggist provide expert and personal advice. Customers have named Etos the best drugstore in the Netherlands and one of the most customer-friendly Dutch brands.

Our passion and believe

Our passion

We feel passionate about helping and inspiring customers with qualitative health and beauty care for affordable prices. We understand that our customers’ needs for looking and feeling great vary during a life, a year and even a week. It’s our passion to offer real solutions in health and beauty care during a lifetime.

Inspired by global diversity in health & beauty care and the understanding of our customers’s needs, we develop our own unique products. This passion also shines through in the designs of our products; sometimes serious, sometimes cheerful, always clear and presenting the essence. It makes Etos products unique and incomparable.

Our customers

Etos appeals to women with an energetic, optimistic and active personality. They have a busy and varied life. They believe that a healthy mind needs a healthy body and that both should be in balance. They know how qualitative health and beauty care can help them to make the most of their life and the experiences that it throws at them. To share their ‘best me’ with the world. Enjoying the overwhelming abundance of life.

Our Products

Etos products have a high, trusted quality, which is also reflected in the outstanding packaging designs. The products are not only nice to use, but they are also an eye catcher in your bathroom or hand bag. And the prices are very affordable compared to the high quality level.

Etos is a brand that wants to offer solutions in health and beauty care during a lifetime. The packaging tells you exactly what you can expect. Etos is your daily energizer that puts a smile on your face, empowering to start every day happy and healthy.

Our belief

Since 1919 Etos is the approachable expert that that supports you to live well, get well and stay well – during a lifetime. We believe in an open and positive approach to every new challenge, whatever life throws at us. Because at the end of the day, life is what you make of it.

Etos believes in the amazing power of positive energy to turn every day into a bright start.

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